Why move to Thailand?

Why would a family leave England to work with Thailand's prisoners?

Former cricketer and mission pioneer C T Studd summed it up. ‘Some wish to live within the sound of a chapel bell,’ he said, ‘I wish to run a rescue mission within a yard of hell.’ Those words have spoken to us as we prepare to work full-time with prisoners in Thailand.

So why Thailand prisons?

John talks to prisoners in a Thai jailJohn’s first book Nobody’s Child has been translated into eight languages so far, including Thai. His story of growing up in foster homes and his tough life on the streets has been helpful in prison ministry there. Last June we were invited by the pastor of Thailand Prison Ministries to speak to inmates.

These mainly Buddhist prisoners responded to John’s story of hope in God. In one prison, more than 70 inmates raised their hands when John asked if anyone wanted to follow Jesus. One man told John tearfully that after reading his book he prayed every day he would get to meet him – and his prayers were answered.

The pastor asked us to consider coming to Bangkok. So after years of working with marginalised youth in England, we’re following God’s calling to Thailand with our three children.

The way people have responded when we have shared how God has called us has greatly encouraged us. John shared what we were doing in a church for the homeless. They took a collection to support us. These folks who mainly live on the streets completely emptied their pockets of all they had in the world. It came to £140. We were so blessed and humbled. We’d be grateful for your prayers."