An amazing week

It's been such a amazing week seeing God do awesome stuff. First Thursday night a young girl asked after hearing a talk on God's family. "Khun John can i get to know God tonight ?" I said yes anytime, so she gave her life to Christ on the spot - photo attached her name is Jane.

Then I get a letter from the Queen in England thanking me for sending her my book. I sent her somebodyschild because I prayed one day "Lord I have given the King here in Thailand both my books, I should at least send the Queen one."

Then the security guard where we live I gave him a copy of nobodyschild in Thai and he reads it everyday and asks me about it, also I did a talk up in Rachaburi in Thailand at a prison with the YWAM team and what a privilege, I talked on the father heart of God and their response was incredible. They matter and God loves them is what was so real. Photos attached.

It's been a tough few weeks coming back from the UK. We really had a good time with family and friends and all the church visits but so busy, but I want to be where God wants us to be, it's the best place!

Thank you again for your prayers, love and support.


31st August 2012