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John's health

Thanks so much for your messages of support and prayer over this last week- we have appreciated it so much.

Hello to all our faithful supporters from Bangkok!

We are now at the beginning of the dry season, after six months
of rain (not constant of course!). But when it rained here, it really
rained! The months of September and October are traditionally
the worst, and sometimes the roads would become rivers in half
an hour. The storms were quite spectacular too, with some of
them having lightning which was almost constant for several hours.
Thankfully the serious flood warnings in Bangkok didn’t come to
anything, but there have been serious floods in the North, central

sawatdii kha from Bangkok

Hello to our fantastic link churches, we hope the start of autumn is finding you all well.

We are close to the end of the rainy season now, and we just can't wait! To be able to go to bed and know that we won't be woken by loud storms will be just great! It has been fascinating to see how hard it can rain here and how quickly roads can flood. Some of our neighbours just take the shower gel out and stand outside to wash!!

Thanks for prayers

Sorry that we haven't been in contact but we haven't had email for the last while.
Thank you so much for your prayers. God is just so good, there have been times when we believe he intervened to stop widespread violence breaking out, and now there is talk of peace. But please don't stop praying yet. This week we tried to go home and John went to the car rental place at the end of our street, and suddenly there was a loud bang and some sort of missile hit the bridge next to him. The street then went mad with police aiming their rifles all over the place. He wasn't sure whether to get down or get inside. Thankfully in all the confusion he was able to drive his car the wrong way down the street (common in Thailand!) and get out of the area.

Please keep praying

Thank you for praying for us and please keep praying. Last night the government and protestors broke into violence and 20 people were killed which seems to have strengthened resolve on both sides. There is more tough talk from both sides for tomorrow, for the government to get the weapons back that were taken, and from the protestors to honour the dead by more protests. So it is looking extremely volatile at the moment with genuine concerns for the huge rift between rich and poor exploding.

News update February 2010

Hello to our lovely link church prayer supporters!

It seems ages since our last update as so much happens each day! But the most important thing to say is how much we appreciate the faithful prayers of our prayer supporters. The spiritual battle is very real here and very in your face, and we know how desperately we need your prayers. So thank you for doing such an important job in standing with us in prayer, please continue to pray for us.

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