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Fishing with the boys

Here I am going fishing with boys from Place of Grace




 I went fishing the other day in a lake in Bangkok.

An amazing week

It's been such a amazing week seeing God do awesome stuff. First Thursday night a young girl asked after hearing a talk on God's family. "Khun John can i get to know God tonight ?" I said yes anytime, so she gave her life to Christ on the spot - photo attached her name is Jane.

Working in Prison

Every Monday I work in this prison, leading a Bible Study and giving a talk.

It is a hard place and so different from UK prisons!

Happy Christmas!

First, Happy Christmas to you all. The floods have nearly gone but the water is still unsafe to drink.

Some of the pictures I have attached are celebrating Christmas at the Place of Grace and the others are about the prison work - 200 men released during the amnesty with their families waiting outside the prison. It's been such a busy time with church, prison, Place of Grace and speaking at different places - we meet ourselves coming back! But God is good and we are seeing amazing things.

Football Kit

Here some photos of some of the children in our Thursday afternoon group wearing football kits donated by a family who live near us.

The young people were so moved and could not believe that someone wanted to donate the kit to them. Usually they are bare-foot and sometimes shirt-less.

Praise God !

Click on a photo to see a larger version

Floods around the Prison

The photo below is the prison I work in every week. Please would you pray for the prisoners and their families.

It was a strange day today been my birthday but felt weird with all that's going on with the flooding, Looks like this week more of Bangkok will flood.

Thank you for all your prayers love and support.



Living in the Floods - the Real Deal

Here are some photos that really challenged us - the poor are struggling beyond belief - they are desparate.

The situation could get a lot worse before it gets better there is so much water coming into Bangkok from the floods its just when the main run off arrives.

We are safe and have options but many people have no options at all.

Good progress! - August 2011

Praise God for progress with the Place of Grace. We have moved in now and it's awesome. No furniture yet but already people are coming.

We did some outreach in a local park near the slum community and many kids came, one police man brought his daughter and said I want her to know your God and could he send some boys to the Place of Grace. God is doing great things already. We are praying about setting up the Place of Grace as a foundation, but here in Thailand its very very hard as we are not Thai , but possible with God in control!

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